October 2021 Projections Update

Seat totals Sinn Féin 60Fine Gael 43Fianna Fáil 31Independents 9Social Democrats 5PBP/Solidarity 4Labour 4Green Party 3Aontú 1R2C 0 Changes since September Sinn Féin +1Fine Gael -6Fianna Fáil +2Independents -2Social Democrats +2PBP/Solidarity +1Labour +1Green Party +1Aontú ncR2C nc Seat Map We’ve had a good few polls in October, and following on from September, we’re seeing aContinue reading “October 2021 Projections Update”

September 2021 Projections Update

Seat totals Sinn Féin 59Fine Gael 49Fianna Fáil 29Independents 11Social Democrats 3PBP/Solidarity 3Labour 3Green Party 2Aontú 1R2C 0 Changes since July Sinn Féin +3Fine Gael -3Fianna Fáil -2Independents ncSocial Democrats -2PBP/Solidarity +1Labour +3Green Party ncAontú ncR2C nc Seat Map As politics returns from its summer holidays, we got two polls last weekend – one fromContinue reading “September 2021 Projections Update”

June 2021 Projections Update

Seat totals Sinn Féin 56Fine Gael 52Fianna Fáil 31Independents 11Social Democrats 5Green Party 2PBP/Solidarity 2Aontú 1Labour 0 R2C 0 Changes since April Sinn Féin -1Fine Gael -5Fianna Fáil +4Independents +1Social Democrats ncGreen Party +1PBP/Solidarity ncAontú ncLabour nc R2C nc Seat Map May and June were active months of polling, with 7 polls across the period.Continue reading “June 2021 Projections Update”

THAT Dublin Bay South By-Election Poll

Christ. Where to begin. A couple of weeks ago I had a look at the Dublin Bay South by-election here, and concluded the following: “This, until someone polls the constituency directly and demonstrates a huge shift, remains FG’s to lose. Their generic “cushion” of nearly 30 points will likely not manifest at anywhere near thatContinue reading “THAT Dublin Bay South By-Election Poll”

Dublin Bay South By-Election Analysis and Projection

Intro I held off on making this post for a while, waiting until all major parties had selected their candidates. Now that process is complete, here’s my guide to, and initial projection for, the Dublin Bay South (DBS) by election. For anyone who isn’t aware, this by-election is due to the resignation of former housingContinue reading “Dublin Bay South By-Election Analysis and Projection”

Applying the Scottish Electoral System to Ireland

Warning: this is a very nerdy post, even by my standards. A couple of weeks ago, Scotland held elections to its devolved parliament in Holyrood. Similarly to Ireland, they use a system of proportional representation, but unlike our PR-STV, they use something called Additional Member System (AMS). This system is called Mixed-Member Proportional Representation (MMP)Continue reading “Applying the Scottish Electoral System to Ireland”

April 2021 Projections and Model Update

Seat totals Sinn Féin 57Fine Gael 57Fianna Fáil 27Independents 10Social Democrats 5PBP/Solidarity 2Green Party 1Aontú 1Labour 0 Changes since March Sinn Féin -5Fine Gael -4Fianna Fáil +6Independents +5Social Democrats -1PBP/Solidarity ncGreen Party ncAontú +1Labour -2 Big changes this month – and I know it seems immediately like some of them are out of line withContinue reading “April 2021 Projections and Model Update”

2021 Seanad By-Election Possibilties

I have very deliberately chosen not to refer to this as any kind of projection or prediction, because frankly, given how Seanad by-elections function (and “function” is a very generous term) it’s not really possible to do so. If you’re a normal human being with hobbies and friends and so on you might not knowContinue reading “2021 Seanad By-Election Possibilties”