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Latest Posts and Poll Analysis

September 2021 Projections Update

Seat totals Sinn Féin 59Fine Gael 49Fianna Fáil 29Independents 11Social Democrats 3PBP/Solidarity 3Labour 3Green Party 2Aontú 1R2C 0 Changes since June Sinn Féin +3Fine Gael -3Fianna Fáil -2Independents ncSocial Democrats -2PBP/Solidarity +1Labour +3Green Party ncAontú ncR2C nc Seat Map As politics returns from its summer holidays, we got two polls last weekend – one fromContinue reading “September 2021 Projections Update”

June 2021 Projections Update

Seat totals Sinn Féin 56Fine Gael 52Fianna Fáil 31Independents 11Social Democrats 5Green Party 2PBP/Solidarity 2Aontú 1Labour 0 R2C 0 Changes since April Sinn Féin -1Fine Gael -5Fianna Fáil +4Independents +1Social Democrats ncGreen Party +1PBP/Solidarity ncAontú ncLabour nc R2C nc Seat Map May and June were active months of polling, with 7 polls across the period.Continue reading “June 2021 Projections Update”