I do all this in my spare time, so while I don’t expect anything, I am incredibly grateful to anyone who wants to throw me a few quid to show their appreciation. This makes my life easier will help out with improving this project, both in terms of the website and the tooling.

If you decide you want to donate, Ko-Fi is preferable as they charge less fees. I have also included a Patreon as well however, as I’m aware that some people may already use that platform and may not want to set up on another, or may wish to make a recurring donation.

And don’t worry, I’m not going to make any future work contingent on donations or start paywalling information or any stupid grift like that. I also promise I won’t spend all the donations on Dutch Gold.

Alternatively, if you have money to donate but think there are more deserving people than me, well, you’re right, and I’d suggest MASI, TENI or SWAI as good organisations to donate to.

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