Meath East


Province: Rest of Leinster

Seats: 3

Current TDs: 1 FG, 1 SF, 1 FF

Projection: 2 FG, 1 SF


FG +1


FF -1


January 2021

FF’s Thomas Byrne is in trouble. He lost his seat to FG in 2011 – where FF lost both their seats – before reclaiming it in 2016. History looks to repeat here, as the FF vote in Meath East is very flaky, and Byrne has proven before that he isn’t a strong enough candidate to buck the trend of his party’s fortunes in election years.

Sinn Féin ought to do well, with another strong left-wing Green candidate leaving the party, leaving a chunk of left votes available to be scooped up, but not enough to make up the gap to FG to bring a second candidate into play. FG are poised to dominate here, and it’s difficult to see any outcome where they don’t take two seats.

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