Kildare South


Province: Rest of Leinster

Seats: 4 (Ceann Comhairle (FF) returned automatically)

Current TDs: 1 FF (incl. CC), 1 SF, 1 FG, 1 IND

Projection: 2 FF (incl. CC), 1 SF, 1 FG


FF +1


IND -1


January 2021

Other than Carlow-Kilkenny, this is the only constituency set to return two FF TDs, but that’s due to the automatic return of the Ceann Comhairle, Seán Ó Fearghaíl, which effectively renders this a three seater for the upcoming election.

If FF run one candidate they should be able to take the seat away from Cathal Berry (IND); if they run two like they did in 2020, they will have a harder time of it.

If the Ceann Comhairle retires, the re-opened fourth seat becomes a very close race between Berry, a second FG candidate and Labour’s Mark Wall, if he runs again. Currently the model favours a second seat for FG under this circumstance.

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